Teams Power

Subscribe Teams Power to integrate Microsoft Teams to Zimbra and more.


Teams Power allows you to integrate Microsoft Teams with Zimbra and any applications.


The solution is compliance with both the GDPR and ISO27001 certification. The authentication is performed through API key.


Integrate Zimbra to schedule video meetings from your Calendar through the Zimbra Teams Meeting and Teams Power Outlook Plugin.

Self Service Portal

Through the Teams Power Self Service Portal you can now manage the assignment of the service to your users independently.

Access the portal and assign one of the available licenses to the mailbox you prefer hosted on your Zimbra server. If you use a Zimbra Cloud service, ask your provider to install the appropriate zimlet.

Zimlet for Zimbra 8, 9, 10 (Modern and Classic UI)

Continue using your Zimbra Email Collaboration platform and integrate Microsoft Teams with our Zimlet.

Install our zimlet on your Zimbra server or ask your provider to do it, to create Microsoft Teams meetings from the Zimbra calendar.

Integrate any apps with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the most widely used collaboration application, making itself known to an ever wider audience. In order to support the new ways of working, to allow to reduce costs and distances.

Microsoft Teams is the most used collaboration application, making itself known to an increasingly wider audience.
Teams Power allows you to integrate your Microsoft Teams licenses with any of your software such as: Zimbra, CRM, ERP, Service Desk and telemedicine solutions

Subscribe Teams Power solutions to integrate any applications with Microsoft Teams.

Activate our Teams Power service. Two different subscription plans are available:
Direct Mode (each user is associated with his own Microsoft Teams license); Balanced Mode (users share one or more Microsoft Teams licenses);
Activation request


Get the Zimbra Teams Meeting or Teams Power Outlook plug-in for free and create Microsoft Teams meeting from your calendar.
Download Plug-in We create your custom plug-in for your application also.


Use it immediately for both your employees and users outside the company to create meetings.

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